Jo Stafford Discography


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On every disc, Jo Stafford is accompanied by Paul Weston And His Orchestra, unless otherwise stated.


Why was it necessary to publish this Jo Stafford Discography? Don’t I know that lots of Jo Stafford discographies can be found on the internet already? Yes, I do know, but the truth is that most of these lists are far from complete, and full of errors.  I found only two solid, extensive Jo Stafford discographies:

In Jim Marshall’s version, the tracks are ranked in alphabetical order, while G. Holaday grouped the records in record label order. I, however, wanted to have a version in which you can see, for every year during Jo’s career, which records were issued in that particular year. And when the same record was issued in two or three versions (e.g. a 78rpm album, 
a 33rpm LP and a 45rpm box set), I want to know everything about that, too. That kind of information was not available yet, so I decided to compile a detailed discography myself.
In order to do this, I used both discographies mentioned above (I’d like to thank Jim Marshall and G. Holaday for the work they did!), and used various sources in order to add information, correct errors, and solve mysteries. The main sources I used were:

  • General Capitol and Columbia discographies, compiled by record collectors
  • Archived issues of Billboard Magazine and Cashbox
  • Historical newspapers, found at
  • Photos of Jo Stafford records on sale at Ebay

I do not doubt my discography will contain errors, though. If you disagree with a piece of information I provide, don’t hesitate to write me about it via

Pied Pipers, Jonathan & Darlene Edwards

What you won't find in this discography, is information about 'Jonathan & Darlene Edwards' discs, or about tracks 
Jo Stafford recorded with The Pied Pipers in the years before her solo career. For that kind of information, I would like to refer you to the discography compiled by Jim Marshall; he included both 'Jonathan & Darlene Edwards' and Pied Pipers tracks.

Jurgen Breeman,