Jo Stafford Discography

Capitol A-1 (Album)

Songs by Johnny Mercer - Various Artists 

Issued May 1944 – Four Record Box Set

Disc 1, Capitol 10001:

Blues In The Night
with Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers
Matrix No. 84 * Recorded 15th October 1943

(coupled with On The Nodaway Road, by Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers)

Disc 2, Capitol 10002:

Too Marvellous For Words
Matrix No. 89 * Recorded 22nd October 1943

I Remember You
Matrix No. 90 * Recorded 22nd October 1943 

Disc 3, Capitol 10003:

You Grow Sweeter (As The Years Go By)
with The Pied Pipers
Matrix No. 100-A * Recorded 12th November 1943 
You And Your Love
with The Pied Pipers
Matrix No. 101-A * Recorded 12th November 1943

Disc 4, Capitol 10004:

(Dixieland Band, by Johnny Mercer)

Jamboree Jones
with Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers
Matrix No. 103-A * Recorded 12th November 1943


All dates of issue mentioned in this discography are similar to those mentioned in Jim Marshall’s
Jo Stafford Discography (JM JSD) - unless otherwise stated. For this album, the date of issue mentioned in JM JSD is October 1945. Two Capitol Album Discographies on the internet, however, mention May 1944 as date of issue for this album.

See and

I think May 1944 must be the correct date, also because it figures in the August 2, 1952 issue of Billboard Magazine, which contains a special section on Capitol Records’ Tenth Anniversary.

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