Jo Stafford Discography

V-Disc 328

Also issued on the Navy V-Disc label and the Marine Corps V-Disc label, V-Disc 108

Issued December 1944 – 12-inch 78 rpm record

Side A:

(Always, by Joan Edwards)

(Hold On, Keep Your Hand On The Plow, by Mildred Bailey)

Side B:

I Remember You
Recording date unknown

Love Is Just Around The Corner
with The Pied Pipers
Recorded 27th July 1944


Both Jo Stafford recordings featured on this V-Disc seem to have been made for radio.
The V-Disc version of ‘I Remember You’ sounds slightly different and lasts 4 seconds shorter than the Capitol recording Ms Stafford made in October 1943. And since she did not record the song specially for the V-Disc program, the version we hear on this V-Disc must be a radio recording. 
The same applies to the second track. Ms Stafford did not record ‘Love Is Just Around The Corner’ for Capitol Records, and she didn’t record it specially for the V-Disc program either. The recording made on July 27, 1944 for radio program ‘The Chesterfield Music Shop’ (rebroadcast by AFRS under the name ‘Johnny Mercer’s Music Shop’) must be the one used for this V-Disc, then. (The recording date is mentioned on

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