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Capitol 1685 (Single)

Also issued on 45 rpm as Capitol F1685

Issued 1954 (Date unknown)

This is a re-issue of Capitol 1053 (5th June 1950)

No Other Love
with George Greeley (piano)
Matrix No. 6042 * Recorded 17th May 1950 

with George Greeley (piano)
Matrix No. 6041 * Recorded 17th May 1950


Capitol Records used its ‘1600’ series to re-release “All-time popular hits” from the Capitol catalog. Capitol 1685 was one of them. The first 59 records in this series were issued in 1951. But what was the release schedule for catalog numbers 1659 through 1699? Opinions on that subject differ. 
Based on lists I found in discussion forums on the internet, I compiled the following schedule: 
numbers 1659 through 1670 were probably issued in 1952; 1671 – 1680, in 1953; 1681 – 1694, in 1954; and 1695 – 1699, in 1955. 
This means Capitol 1685 was probably released in 1954. But in which month of that year? I saw this disc mentioned 
in a record store advertisement in the February 12, 1954 issue of the Dixon Evening Telegraph (a local paper from Dixon, Illinois). This could mean it was issued in January or early February 1954.
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