Jo Stafford Discography

Capitol 15336 (Single)

Issued January 1949

Funny Little Money Man
Matrix No. 2472 * Recorded 14th November 1947

These Will Be The Best Years Of Our Lives
Matrix No. 2581 * Recorded 21st November 1947


Capitol 15336 is listed in the ‘Advance Record Releases’ section of the January 1, 1949 issue of Billboard magazine* – which means that its release was expected in the first half of January, 1949. If Billboard’s information was correct, the record cannot have been issued in December, 1948 (the date mentioned in Jim Marshall’s Jo Stafford Discography). The fact that the first reviews of this record appeared in newspapers published in the second half of January, also points to a release date in 1949. The oldest review I found, appeared in the January 18, 1949 issue of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

* Thanks to Dave King (USA) for providing this information

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