Jo Stafford Discography

Columbia 1-G

Also issued on 45 rpm as Columbia 4-1-G
Also issued on 7’ 33 rpm as Columbia 3-1-G

Issued April 1951

With These Hands
with Nelson Eddy
Matrix No. RHCO 4435 * Recorded 23rd February 1951 

Till We Meet Again
with Nelson Eddy
Matrix No. RHCO 4436 * Recorded 23rd February 1951


Jim Marshall’s Jo Stafford Discography does not mention a date of issue for this record. However, it must have been issued in April 1951. It is mentioned in the ‘Advance Record Releases’ section of the March 31, 1951 issue of Billboard magazine (“Records listed are generally approximately two weeks in advance of actual release date”). And in a Columbia Records advertisement in the April 14 issue of Billboard magazine, the record is listed among Columbia’s ‘best sellers’. Those two facts combined point to a date of issue in the first half of April 1951. 

Thanks to a Nelson Eddy discography (Nelson Eddy: A Bio-Discography , by Larry F. Kiner, 1992), we know exactly where and when these sides were recorded: (on February 23, 1951) between 8:00 and 11:00 PM at KHJ Studios, Vine Street & Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles.

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