Jo Stafford Discography

Capitol 6016 (Single)

Re-issue in the Star Line series

Issued 18th December 1961 

This is a re-issue of Capitol 1642 (June 1951)

Whispering Hope
with Gordon MacRae
Issued before on  Capitol 57-690 (Single, July 1949),  Capitol 1642 (Single, June 1951), 
Capitol EAP 1-428 (EP 'Memory Songs', 1953), and on Capitol T-428 (Album 'Memory Songs', 1955)
Matrix No. 4515 * Recorded 3rd June 1949

I’ll String Along With You
with Gordon MacRae
Issued before on Capitol 15342 (Single, January 1949), Capitol 57-768 (Single, October/November 1949), and on 
Capitol 1642 (Single, June 1951)
Matrix No. 3804 * Recorded 15th December 1948


Capitol launched its Star Line series in May, 1960. Initially, it was ‘comprised of previously released singles offered in 
LP form or a re-issue of catalog albums’ (Billboard magazine, May 16, 1960). In 1961, Capitol decided to add re-issues of singles to the series. The first 25 ‘Star Line’ singles were released December 18, 1961 (Billboard magazine, December 11, 1961). Capitol 6016 was one of them.

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