Jo Stafford Discography

Columbia 40538 (Single)

Also issued on 45 rpm as Columbia 4-40538

Issued 18th July 1955

Ain’t-Cha-Cha Comin’ Out T-Tonight?
with the Starlighters
Matrix No. RHCO 33494 * Recorded 24th June 1955 

St. Louis Blues
with the Starlighters
Matrix No. RHCO 33338 * Probably recorded February 1955 


'St. Louis Blues' is one of the very few Jo Stafford recordings from the 1950’s of which the recording date is unknown. Jim Marshall’s Jo Stafford Discography says it was “recorded around February 1955”. The compilers of CD Box ‘Jo Stafford - 108 Classic Sides from a Great American Hitmaker’ (JSP Records, 2013) use the description “Early 1955”.
However - if the matrix number (RHCO 33338) gives an entirely reliably indication of the recording date, we can safely assume St. Louis Blues was recorded in February, 1955:
Ms. Stafford’s recordings numbered RHCO 33324 and 33325 (I Got A Sweetie / Please Don’t Go So Soon) were both recorded on the 4th of February.
I looked for information about other artists’ recording sessions for Columbia Records in February, 1955, and found a session with country singer Johnny Bond. The first track he recorded on the 23th of February got matrix number 
RHCO 33350 (view details: ).
This means St. Louis Blues must have been recorded somewhere between February 4 and February 23, 1955… unless the matrix number is NOT an entirely reliable indication of the recording date…

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