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Capitol EBF-197 (Album)

Autumn in New York

Issued before as a 33 rpm LP (Capitol H-197) and a 45rpm, Three Record Box Set (Capitol CCF-197), March 1950 (probably also as a 78 rpm album, CC-147 - 1948)

Re-issued as a 2-EP set – 1953 (or 1954) (Date unknown) 

Disc 1, 1-197

Side 1: 

Autumn In New York
Re-issue of this track since the release of Capitol H-197: on single Capitol 1248 (November 1950)
Matrix No. 2403 * Recorded 31st October 1947

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Matrix No. 2742 * Recorded 3rd December 1947 

Side 4:

Make Believe
Matrix No. 2813 * Recorded 10th December 1947

Through The Years
Matrix No. 2605 * Recorded 27th November 1947

Disc 2, 2-197:

Side 2:

Haunted Heart
Issued before on single, Capitol 15023 (January 1948)
Matrix No. 2741 * Recorded 3rd December 1947 

If I Loved You
Matrix No. 2814 * Recorded 10th December 1947 

Side 3:

Just One Of Those Things
Issued before on single, Capitol 808 (January 1950)
Matrix No. 2604 * Recorded 26th November 1947

Almost Like Being In Love
Issued before on single, Capitol 401 (5th May 1947)
Re-issue of this track since the release of Capitol H-197: on single Capitol 992 (1950)
Matrix No. 1794 * Recorded 26th March 1947 


When the album ‘Autumn in New York’ was released in 1950, Billboard magazine said that it was available in two versions: the LP Capitol H-197, and the 45 rpm version Capitol CCF-197 (Billboard, March 11, 1950). This means that the 2-EP set EBF-197 cannot have been issued in 1950, as and other internet sources state. RCA Victor introduced the EP format in 1952, and Capitol Records started releasing EP’s in January, 1953. An article in the 
January 11, 1953 issue of the Dayton Daily News (Dayton, Ohio) says that Capitol was just releasing ‘a group of four (albums, ed.) which will comprise Capitol’s first Extended Play (EP) efforts’. This leads to the conclusion that the 
2-EP version of ‘Autumn in New York’ must have been issued in 1953, maybe 1954 – not in 1955, because that was 
the year in which a new LP version with four extra tracks (Capitol T-197) was released.
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