Jo Stafford Discography

Columbia 40542 (Single)

Also issued on 45 rpm as Columbia 4-40542

Issued 1955 (Date unknown)

Let Me Hear You Whisper
with David Hughes
Matrix No. RHCO 10760 * Recorded 11th February 1954 

(Coupled with: ‘Farewell (For Just Awhile)’, by Mitch Miller and his Orchestra and Chorus)


Jo Stafford’s duets with British singer David Hughes, ‘Let Me Hear You Whisper’ and ‘One Love Forever’, initially were only released in the United Kingdom (Philips single PB 251, issued November 1954). In the summer of 1955, Columbia Records decided to release ‘Let Me Hear You Whisper’ for American listeners, too. They coupled it with a tune from the motion picture ‘Mr. Roberts’: ‘Farewell’, by Mitch Miller.

Columbia 40542 was issued in July or August, 1955. First proof for this, is an item published in Billboard’s July 30, 
1955 issue. Under the heading ‘Broad Disk Coverage of Film Tunes’, the magazine wrote: ‘Columbia is releasing a 
Jo Stafford – David Hughes etching of “Let Me Hear You Whisper,” backed with “Farewell” by Mitch Miller.’ 
These lines were dated ‘Hollywood, July 23’.
In a Columbia Records advertisement published in Billboard’s August 13 issue, Columbia 40542 is mentioned under the heading ‘New Pop Releases’. This means it must have been released in late July, early August, 1955.
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