Jo Stafford Discography

Capitol H-197 (Album)

Autumn In New York


Issued March 1950 – 33 rpm LP

Also issued as a 45rpm, Three Record Box Set, Capitol CCF-197


Side 1:

Autumn In New York
Matrix No. 2403 * Recorded 31st October 1947 

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Matrix No. 2742 * Recorded 3rd December 1947 

Haunted Heart
Issued before on single, Capitol 15023 (January 1948)
Matrix No. 2741 * Recorded 3rd December 1947 

If I Loved You
Matrix No. 2814 * Recorded 10th December 1947

Side 2:

Just One Of Those Things 
Issued before on single, Capitol 808 (January 1950)
Matrix No. 2604 * Recorded 26th November 1947

Almost Like Being In Love
Issued before on single, Capitol 401 (5th May 1947)
Matrix No. 1794 * Recorded 26th March 1947 

Only Make Believe
Matrix No. 2813 * Recorded 10th December 1947 

Through The Years
Matrix No. 2605 * Recorded 27th November 1947


The 45rpm version of this album, a three record box set, counted two tracks less than the LP version. These two tracks were left out:  ‘Haunted Heart’, and ‘Just One Of Those Things’.

The tracklist of CCF-197 is:

Disc 1, F15460: Autumn In New York / Through The Years
Disc 2, F15461: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / Make Believe
Disc 3: F15462: If I Loved You / Almost Like Being In Love

A 78 RPM VERSION, CC-147 ?

According to Jim Marshall’s discography, a 78 rpm version of this album was issued already two years earlier, in 1948. However, I have not been able to find any proof for this in contemporary newspapers or in Billboard magazine – nor have I seen photos of the 78 rpm version on the internet. This is why I haven’t mentioned it in the discography for 1948.
For two reasons, it is likely that there HAS been a 78 rpm version, though.

1: virtually every album that was released around 1950 was also issued on 78rpm, because many consumers didn’t possess a 33 rpm or 45 rpm turntable yet.
2: the recordings for this album were made at the end of 1947. Why would Capitol have waited more than two years before they issued them?

For these reasons, I think that I’ll have to add CC-147 to this discography, but I would like to see a proof of its existence. Help is welcome, please write to me at

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