Jo Stafford Discography

Capitol CC-247 (Album) 

Sunday Evening Songs

With Gordon MacRae

Issued November 1950 – Three Record Album

Also issued as a 33 rpm LP, Capitol H-247
Also issued as a 45rpm, Three Record Album, Capitol CCF-247

Tracks on the 33 rpm LP:

Side 1:

Long, Long Ago 
with Gordon MacRae 
Matrix No. 6368 * Recorded 10th August 1950

with Gordon MacRae
Matrix No. 6494 * Recorded 7th August 1950 

In The Gloaming
with Gordon MacRae
Matrix No. 6367 * Recorded 10th August 1950 

Last Night
with Gordon MacRae
Matrix No. 6491 * Recorded 7th August 1950

Side 2:

Stars Of The Summer Night
with Gordon MacRae
Matrix No. 6366 * Recorded 10th August 1950 

Sweet And Low
with Gordon MacRae
Matrix No. 6493 * Recorded 7th August 1950 

Love’s Old Sweet Song
with Gordon MacRae
Matrix No. 6369 * Recorded 10th August 1950 

Now The Day Is Over
with Gordon MacRae
Matrix No. 6492 * Recorded 7th August 1950

The Three Record Albums, 
CC-247 (78rpm) and CCF-247 (45rpm)

The 78 rpm and 45rpm versions of this album, both three record albums (no box sets!), counted two tracks less than the LP version. These two tracks were left out:  ‘Stars Of The Summer Night’, and ‘Last Night’.

Tracks on the 78 rpm album:
Disc 1, Capitol 15657: ‘Now The Day Is Over’, and ‘Long, Long Ago’
Disc 2, Capitol 15658: ‘Juanita’, and ‘Love’s Old Sweet Song’
Disc 3, Capitol 15659: ‘Sweet And Low’, and ‘In The Gloaming’ 

The 45 rpm version, Capitol CCF-247, had exactly the same track list. Its label numbers were F15657, F15658, and F15659



The album ‘Sunday Evening Songs’ was reviewed in the November 18, 1950 issue of Billboard magazine, that’s why I’m almost certain it must have been issued in November 1950. Billboard only mentions the LP version, but it seems plausible that the 78 rpm and 45 rpm versions of this album were issued in November 1950, too. Do you have deviating information about the dates of issue? Please write me at

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