Jo Stafford Discography

V-Disc 584

Issued February 1946 – 12-inch 78 rpm record

Side A:

Gee, It’s Good To Hold You
with Billy Butterfield (trumpet)
Matrix No. 688 * Recorded 2nd July 1945

That’s For Me

Matrix No. 689 * Recorded 2nd July 1945

Side B:

(And There You Are, by Hildegarde)

(It Doesn’t Cost You Anything To Dream, by Hildegarde)


According to the Discography for CD B in the JSP CD Box ‘Jo Stafford – 108 Classic Sides from a great American hitmaker’, ‘Gee, It’s Good To Hold You’ was ‘possibly transcribed from an AFRS broadcast c. 1945’. But I compared this V-Disc’s version of the song with the one commercially issued on Capitol 213, and it is my impression that both versions are identical. For now, I assume the producers of this V-Disc made use of the Capitol recording of ‘Gee, It’s Good To Hold You’.
‘That’s For Me’ was also commercially issued on Capitol 213 (September 1945).

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