Jo Stafford Discography

Columbia 5-G (Single)

Also issued on 45 rpm as Columbia 4-5-G
Also issued on 7’ 33 rpm as Columbia 3-5-G

Issued 1951 (Date unknown)

I Love You Truly
with Nelson Eddy
Matrix No. CO 45522 * Recorded 12th February 1951 

When I Grow Too Old To Dream
with Nelson Eddy
Matrix No. RHCO 4437 * Recorded 23rd February 1951


This record was mentioned in the ‘Advance Record Releases’ section of the October 6, 1951 issue of Billboard magazine. This means that its release was expected within two weeks. Two weeks later, on October 20, 1951, this record figured in a Columbia Records advertisement, under the heading ‘Coming up’. These two facts bring me to the conclusion this record was probably issued in October, maybe in November 1951. 
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